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The Learning@Leiden vision aims to help students become first class professionals, researchers and citizens.

This asks for reflection on current teaching and learning practices and exploration of opportunities for further development.

The university has identified eight areas of special attention:

  1. Inquiry-based teaching and learning
  2. Activating teaching
  3. Differentiation in learning
  4. Transferrable skills
  5. Enhancing employability
  6. Engagement with society
  7. Application of technology in teaching and learning
  8. Internationalisation and diversity

Through the lens of these strategic educational themes and two overarching quality enhancement themes, this guide clarifies succinctly how these ambitions can be translated into tangible outcomes in the daily practice of teaching.

In part one, each educational theme clarifies its relevance to Leiden University’s ambitions, the importance of the theme within the context of Higher Education, and the key aspects of implementation in practice. Each theme is illustrated with examples of best practice from Leiden University. For those who would like to deepen their understanding of certain topics there are plenty of references and further readings.

Part two provides answers to frequently asked questions and offers practical starting points for lecturers who are seeking to develop certain aspects of their teaching.

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Special thanks and appreciation are extended to Dr Mike Dobson of University of Exeter for his discussions about teaching and learning practices, the critical review of content and English usage in this document.

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